Today, vehicle manufacturers and technology companies are working to install driverless or autonomous technology in the cars and trucks they are developing now.  You will begin to see commercial and personal autonomous vehicles on the road in the next few years.  Not only will your personal vehicle help you enjoy your morning commute, self delivery trucks will safely navigate your neighborhood delivering packages or maybe even a pizza to your front door.

SDV will also keep you up to date on industry news, how to select the best autonomous vehicle for your needs or where to find charging stations for your electric vehicle, driverless or not.  This is the future of the auto industry and we will make sure you are a part of it.

  • SDV is building an online network for autonomous taxis and cabs, driverless limos and buses, self-driving pods, autonomous car sharing, self drive parking, vehicle maps and GPS, as well as electric charging stations and hubs.
  • SDV will help you locate autonomous vehicle dealers, parts and repair centers. 
  • SDV will keep up you up to date on laws and regulations.
  • SDV will identify autonomous shipping and transport services.

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Vehicles using V2X technology allows your vehicle to see accidents before they happen. Driverless cars are expected to save thousands of lives every year.

Autonomous vehicles will use V2X technology to communicate with other vehicles, traffic signals, and road sensors. V2X helps your autonomous vehicle know every detail of the environment you are driving through.


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Driverless autos. Autonomous vehicles. Whatever you call them, they will change our lives. Hands-free driving so you can read, converse or prepare for that meeting.

They are here today.
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